viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007

My habilitys

What sports do you play?
I play volleyball.

Who do you play volleyball with?
With my friends. We have a team.

When does your team practice?
We practice on Sundays.
What time do you practice on Sundays?
We start around five or six o`clock pm.

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

My Favorite Artist

Name: Michael Joe Jackson
Born: in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958
ocupation: actor, dancer,singer and songwritter
Achievements: he is the king of PoP. he won 9 Grammy awards for Thriller, including album of the year, record of the year, best male rock vocal performance for "Beat It", and best new R&B song for "Billie Jean"; Song of the Year for "We Are the World," 1986; special humanitarian award from President Ronald Reagan, 1984; American Music Awards, Special Award of Achievement, 1989; World Music Awards for Best-Selling American Artist, World's Best-Selling Pop Artist, and World's best-Selling Artist of the Era, 1993; Grammy Award, Living Legend Award, 1993; Best R & B Single for "Remember The Time," 1993; Bambi Award, for Pop Artist of the Millennium, 2002.
Abilities and talents: he is the best dancer in the world

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007

united 13 you can't miss it.

Katte: Excuse me. Can you help me? How do I get to the Maruma hotel?

Alex: The Maruma hotel is next to the Mc'Donals on second avenue circunvalacion.

Katte: Is it on the corner of the B.O.D. bank?

Alex: It's right.

Katte: Ok. Thank you.

United 9 Broccoli is good for you.

My favorite fruits are apples and pear, the broccoli is my favorite vegetable, chiken and beef are my favorite meat, cheese is my favorite dairy food.
I have some bread, but I don't use some butter, I don't use alwais juice and coffe, but I like the milk. I usually have soup, rice and beet in the lunch.
I have a healthy diet. I frequently eat fruits and grains.
I need to eat more vegetables and proteins. For good heath, eat fruits and vegetables and very little fat, oil and sugar.


Date:since the sunday before passon until easher sunday.

Customs, decorations,people use palms

foos, present giving: and religious picture

Season: spring inside the house

Activities, dancing, visting: peaple attend church make dramatic works, viacrusis.

Historial origin: around the o year tell one´s beads, they also the house is smoked with incense.

Reason for liking or nol liking: I thinnk it´s important to remenber who died for us to save the

Religious or other significanse: It celebrates worid. the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ`s to redeam the humanity.

Personal celebrations: I attend chured with my family and taget the we take palms there.

Comercial significanse: It´s comunon to see sellings of holy pictures and statues.

United 12 What's the matter

Escena 1:

Anne: hello, Nicole

Nicole: hi, Anne, How are you?

Anne: fine, how do you feel today?

Nicole: I fell really terrible. I have a headache

Anne: ¡I´m sorry!, why don´t you go to see a doctor?

Nicole: yes, I´m go with you

Anne: ok. I´ll go with you.

Escena 2:

Anne: good afternoom, mis

Clara: good afternoon

Anne: may I speak to Dr. Sam

Clara: one moment, please.

Anne: mis, is urgent

Clara: ok

Clara: I don´t want to disturb you Dr. San, but mis Nicole wants to talk with you, is urgent.

Dr. San: ok. Let her in

Clara: ok, you can go in.

Escena 3:

Dr. Sam: hello, mis Nicole, How are you today?

Nicole: I fell terrible.

Dr. Sam: what`s wrong exactly?

Nicole: I`m exhausted

Dr. Sam: Hmm. Why are you so tired

Nicole: I just can`t sleep at nignt

Dr. Sam: ok. Let`s take a look. I`m going to give you some pills. Take one pill every night after dinner.

Nicole: ok.

Dr. Sam: and don`t drink coffe, tea, or soda

Nicole: no, soda?

Dr. Sam: no, and don`t work too hard

Nicole: all right. Thanks Dr. Sam.